Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr Harris at Active 4 Life Chiropractic is wonderful! He took the time to hear my every concern in our consultation, he did imaging and provided a number of possible solutions to my problem. Did you hear that? SOLUTIONS to my 20-year streak of chronic pain, 100+ procedures, tools and exercises. His practice has ended the money-pit of bandaids, he is CORRECTING my spine!

Now, several months in, Dr Harris always listens to how I’m feeling each visit, and brings ideas outside of his practice about how diet, movement, water etc can all be factors in my issues.

He is a great coach throughout this process and I’m so great full I found Active 4 Life Chiropractic!"

- Loren H.

"Dr. Harris is a very respectful person and an amazing doctor. Very knowledgeable and helpful in what your body needs specifically. My first ever chiropractor experience was with him and he made all my nerves and doubts disappear immediately. My favorite part of the week is visiting him and leaving well adjusted!"

- Jessica D.

"Dr. Harris is one of the best chiropractors I have had the pleasure of being a patient of. I see him on a weekly basis. From someone who worked in the chiropractic industry before - I would most definitely recommend him to all friends, family, and strangers! He is very informative, honest, and not to mention a wonderful Chiropractor. Adjustments go a long way for your health, mind, and body! Get on his schedule, you wont regret it!"

- Megan J.

"I came into A4L Chiropractic after I threw my back out and I loved every moment of it. Dr. Harris is a true professional and makes you feel at ease as he walks you through his procedures. He lets you know why he is doing certain adjustments and is always open for a conversation about whatever the patient feels like discussing. After coming into his clinic five days in a row due to my injury, I now feel good as new. I am moving to a different state now, but when I do come back to visit I will certainly come here if I need any type of adjustment!"

- Anthony R.

"This is my first-ever experience with a chiropractor. Dr. Harris not only does a superb job at adjusting, but is so willing to take time with his patients to see they have all of their questions answered. He goes above and beyond to ensure they’re experiencing the best care possible, making sure everyone in the family is happy and comfortable during visits, bends over backwards to give a reasonable price for the visit, and honestly is a friend to his patients.

I’ve been completely converted to chiropractic care because of Dr. Harris, and I’m so glad I found his practice to help me especially during the aches and pains that comes with pregnancy. Aside from the professionalism he brings to the table, the office is also very clean and beautiful. He also makes sure the little ones are happy, providing things like coloring books, a kids show, and age-appropriate learning tools (like human spine replicas) for the children to explore more about chiropractics. I would recommend Dr. Harris to anyone looking for good chiropractic care."

- Jessica B.

"Dr. Harris is phenomenal — both as a provider and person in general. I wish I would have found him sooner! He is extremely accommodating. He took time out of his day off to come into the office to do an adjustment, something that is unheard of in the medical field. He goes above and beyond to make sure his patients are taken care of. It is very easy to communicate with him and he is readily available via text message (he even responded to my message on a holiday — again unheard of in the medical field)!

Dr. Harris takes his time to evaluate patients and find a long-term solution. I have gone to several different chiropractors across the U.S. and Dr. Harris truly stands out as the best. He made me feel extremely comfortable during the adjustment and I felt great afterwards! With previous chiropractors, I would tense up during adjustments and I would be sore afterwards, but not with Dr. Harris! He is extremely genuine and has your best interests at heart — I would 100% recommend him to my family and friends."

- Liz R.


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