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Don Henderson

In 1987 in a college course called Geology of the National Parks, Don picked up a camera for the first time. Instead of spending a few hours in a lab each week like the typical college science course, this course included three required weekend trips to experience Geology in action in California's State and National Parks. 

Having not traveled much prior to this, Don decided to get a camera to document the places he visited. This began what has become a lifelong passion of chasing light and documenting the power and beauty of nature.

Over the next 30 plus years, Don has made the camera a part of everything he does. He became a media producer for a school district and integrated photography and video into many of his projects. Don then became a high school teacher and created a first of its kind digital media academy where students learned visual arts through hands-on experiences.

During this time, Don also photographed weddings, family and senior portraits, concerts and youth sports. These experiences led to becoming a photographer for a local newspaper in San Diego County as well as the assistant track photographer at a NASCAR track in California. Don also became the official event photographer for the number one radio station in San Diego during the 1990s, where he documented events and concerts. in 2003 Don joined Apple, where he still works today. During his tenure at Apple Don has focused on using technology as a tool for creativity and learning.

Don has combined his passion for both teaching and photography by leading photography workshops at education conferences around the world. He has also led sessions for photo workshops, teaching alongside noteworthy experts in sports, adventure, documentary, music and nature photography.

In 2003 Don relocated from California to Texas where he currently resides with his wife Maria and their son Zander. When not in Texas, Don and family spend a lot of time at their home on the Western Slopes of the Grand Tetons which he uses a launching point for many of his photography outings throughout the Mountain West.

Today, you will find a camera in Don's hand nearly everywhere he goes. He has traveled all over the world exploring light and making photos that speak to him. Don often says being behind the lens is the ultimate way to focus on the things in life that are most important to you.


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